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Privacy Policy

The domain operator and editor - the prevailing laws and the Privacy Commissioner's recommendations - has responsibility to do their utmost to protect users' personal information.
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  • The information provided with registration
    Use of our services outside the system of registration is required (facebook). The resulting information available to us the greatest care and kept strictly confidential by the user without prior written consent (the statutory exceptions) a third party under any circumstances will not be passed. The information presented by our users, to get statistical data about them. We may publish some information in statistical form in order to inform our visitors about the operation of our services.

  • The data set for physical space of users
    MTA SZTAKI collects and stores the users' physical information only if such a condition of using the service. We use data sets only for purposes approved in advance by the user, and we will not be passed (the statutory exceptions) a third party under any circumstances.

  • Public communication options
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