It was written about us, it happened with us

2013-09-04 -

As keen supporters of the Senior Wrestling World Championships starting on 16th September 2013, we are proud to present the smart phone application GUIDE@HAND.

All actual information of the competition can already be accessed through the GUIDE@HAND Budapest application,

2013-06-06 -

Events and sections of the Dependable Systems and Networks (DSN) 2013 international conference in GUIDE@HAND Budapest application.

2013-05-29 - XIX. Multimédia az oktatásban

Events and sections of the 19th Multimedia in Education international conference in GUIDE@HAND Kosice application.

2013-04-16 -

New feature on the web for the Budapest Book festival

2013-01-23 -

The results of latest developments in the destination of Kosice are as follows:

  • tourists can download and use the new, Slovak GUI of GUIDE@HAND Kosice application,
  • the Slovak version of the 1st walk is available in GUIDE@HAND Kosice application,

We wish you a pleasant stay in Kosice!